Because of the multitude of seeds found within the pomegranate it is regarded by many as a symbol of fertility and abundance.  It is associated with the change of the seasons, life, death, resurrection, and marriage in the Greek myth of Persephone.

Islamic legend states that each fruit contains as seed from the garden of paradise.


My house is a Moomin dress sweat shop!

For sale

Oh my god layton’s parents are the best and i love how he calls them ma/pa

Apr.5 - Apr.13

  • spriiiiiiing. lots of beautiful weather this past week. discovered two giant magnolia trees near work and bought some flowers for really cheap!
  • pies, i love baking pies so much. mini berry tarts for work and a mango strawberry pie for mum
  • did some major work in the back yard. started a veggie garden and fixed up my treehouse. hopefully we’ll get another weekend of good weather so i can paint it and hang out (thank you savoury papa for building me a beautiful ladder
  • our cherry trees are finally starting to blossom. they’re late bloomers.
  • i’m glad i got to work in the garden when i did. right now it’s pouring and i’m really busy/tired from work. sarah visited me today though and it picked me right up! 
  • also finished playing earthbound and goddamn that is a beautiful game. almost every other game i play is like good but not earthbound


A grumpy Marshal and Brewster at a bakery. :D


New media for upcoming Takeshi Koike directed Lupin film!

TMS and Cinema Today have revealed the stylish promotional movie poster for the upcoming film. The artwork features Lupin and Jigen with their iconic new colour schemes along with release date and cast information. Fujiko can be spotted in the centre of the image, but there’s no Goemon or Zenigata in sight!

Lupin the IIIRD: The Tomb of Daisuke Jigen / Daisuke Jigen’s Gravestone will be getting a limited cinema release in Japan from the 21st to the 27th of June.